Precious Stones

Calibrated Gemstones

Calibrated gemstones are simply gemstones that have been cut to exact standard sizes that will easily fit into manufactured mountings without having to customize the mountings. has the largest selection of natural gemstones in calibrated sizes anywhere. Nobody can compete with our selection of calibrated gems in terms of the different gem types, sizes offered, qualities offered and low price points.

Buyers should be aware that gemstones are often sold in calibrated sizes. This means that stones are sold in common sizes that will fit most commercial jewelry, such as rings and bracelets. However, don't be afraid of a stone with an unusual size if you are working with a jeweler on a custom piece. A jeweler can easily size any piece to match your stone.

A must for jewelry manufacturers, calibrated stones enables you to produce pieces that are uniform in color and quality. Size and hue tolerances are keys attributes and will determine whether your jewelry is saleble or not. A calibrated stone dealer needs to be consistent and reliable. He needs to understand market requirements and stock enough rough/cut materials in order to meet demand in time.

No one supplier is able to specialize in every type of gemstone, so you will usually get different companies with their expertise and services limited to a special niches. For example, one may specialize in "princess cut" rubies and sapphires and another in "diamond cuts" only. While another may only deal in "semi precious" stones such as amethys, garnets, citrine, blue topaz..etc.

Our calibrated inventory includes quantities from pairs up to hundreds of matching diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Each and every stone is specially selected by our jewelry experts to make sure they look exactly right in your jewelry creations.